Silver-zone UK terms of service details:

Silver-Zone.UK  ideally uses a system of user moderation where reliance is made on the commonsense, respect and courtesy of its membership to ensure that good inter-personal relationships, tolerance and mutual deference would make any intervention by the site administration redundant.
Hopefully,  the above case will be the predominant one, but just as a reminder please note the guidance below:
  • Members must conduct themselves in a reasonable and responsible manner when creating content on the site, when responding to others on the site and when approaching others on the site.

  • Members must not advertise or promote third party commercial interests, companies or organisations on the site - exceptions are personal, charitable and public interest categories. (Seek site admin input if in doubt).

  • Members must bear in mind, although primarily intended as a site for adults of 50 years of age and upwards, that minors may gain access to the site so please refrain from using expletives and do not post material of an explicit sexual or violent nature.

  • Any member that receives inappropriate or offensive approaches from any other member is urged to report the incident(s) directly to the site administration so that any action that may be required can be taken.

  • Any contraventions of the guidelines as outlined above may result in private or public warnings being given and in the case of persistent or severe infringements may result in a member or members being suspended temporarily or as a last resort being permanently banned.
  • In the event of any irreconcilable conflicts between members then the site administration has the final say.