Silver-Zone UK started in March 2011 as a personal project by myself to create a forum based social networking website using the open source Drupal framework.

Construction started essentially as a work in progress and as a steep learning curve for myself as I familiarised myself with a new (to me) framework.

Initially the site was hosted as a sub-domain of as an online development and self training project, the Silver-Zone.UK domain was purchased later and put into service in 2015.

When the website was finally finished and transferred to its own domain, I had a fully functional forum based social networking site, the developmental and technical scope of the Drupal framework is very capable and flexible but I found the Drupal core forum module quite limited in features although many of these can be and were implemented with contributed modules and found to be very stable in use.

I also use the Joomla framework to develop sites and my very first effort was a Joomla over 50's forum based social site from 2009 and still running today.

The Drupal version of Silver-Zone although functional became less and less used over time, members and traffic decreased after an encouraging start and finally was kept going content wise by just two heroic members - I'd meant to redesign Silver-Zone for ages and finally in April / May 2020 started the initial change over and so here we are today - now just have to get people to participate!